1 1/3 lb. organic ground beef (I bought this at Costco – Kirkland brand)

1 lb. elbow noodles, cooked according to directions

1 large sweet onion, chopped

8 oz. fresh mushrooms

1 jar cheese sauce (I used Ragu double cheddar)

2 c. shredded cheese (I used monterey jack)

Brown beef.  Reserve drippings.

Drain on paper towels.


Mix cheese sauce and macaroni.

In the drippings from meat, cook mushrooms and onions until golden brown.  (I added 1 Tbsp. butter to help them along).


Add meat back in and use a little milk to get the last of the cheese sauce out of the jar and pour it over the meat and veggies.

Spray deep lasagne dish with cooking spray.

Layer noodles in baking dish.  Top with meat and veggie mixture.


Sprinkle with shredded cheese.


Bake 350F for 30 minutes.