I am an devout Dave Matthews fan and go to see his band every year when they are in my area.  If you see him once live, you too will be hooked!  This song’s been running through my mind all night tonight, while I help a friend with some bookkeeping.  No cooking for me tonight.  The kids threw themselves together some tacos with already cooked ground meat I keep in the freezer.

I though I would share Dave Matthews ‘recipe’ for Cornbread! Be warned, it’s a little bit raunchy, but fun!  Totally worth a view!  Makes me want to run around . . . 🙂  It soars inside my soul!

It’s Dave, sans band, with an amazing guitarist named Tim Reynolds.  They performed this live at Farm Aid this past September.

I’ll be back tomorrow with one of my own recipes!  Maybe even one for cornbread.