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We found this gem by accident and arrived to a much shorter line than when we were leaving.  Got there just in time!  Locals will tell you – amazing food, reasonable prices, great views!


I had the best patty melt ever and my friend had a grilled tempeh wrap.   It was a bit rainy so we sat in the small cabin rather than outside.


Overlooking a stream, thus the name,  the views are breathtaking.  They also smoke their own meats, cater events (including, coincidentally,  my friend’s sister Denise and her husband Gene’s wedding).  If I lived nearby, I’d order takeout all the time too.  If you’re ever near Brattleboro, it is worth seeking out!


What took me so long to go check out Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida?  I’d heard great things from everyone who went there.  Again, Molly and Lein being here made it a good excuse for checking it out!  So glad we did.  What a great place.

Donut Worry

We saw a friend at her Donut Worry Eat Happy booth with those amazing injected donuts!  Beyond amazing, actually.  Kit kat, oreo, s’mores, etc.  Yummmmmmmm.

There were so many amazing booths, great food, fun stuff to see!

I bought plants too.

I can obviously only go there if I’m prepared to spend money!







Molly (the Baker) and Lein are in town for a visit, so it was the perfect excuse to go to Chef Jean-Pierre’s!  The only night during their visit that had any seats available was Chicken night, so boy did we eat some delicious chicken.  By far our favorite was the Crispy Tarragon & Garlic Chicken, which I’m going to try to recreate this weekend.  The sauce was amazing, but was made with heavy cream, so I’ll be trying a non-dairy version so Donnie can eat it.


For those of you who’ve never been, a local legendary chef named Jean-Pierre Brehier has a wonderful “Cooking School” in Fort Lauderdale.  Before going there the first time, I imagined making the food myself.  Fortunately, it is more like being in the audience of a cooking show and having the chef cook amazing food for you, and teach you how it’s done and give you the recipes.  All the while, Jean-Pierre entertains with a wicked, funny way that seems to come naturally to him.  Jean-Pierre, who operated a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called The Left Bank for 22 years was on two PBS cooking shows,  Sunshine Cuisine and Incredible Cuisine.  As for his “Cooking School”, all I can say is –  Great entertainment!  Great food!  You can’t go wrong.  I love bringing out of town guests there.    The link for his webpage is

We also had some amazing Chicken and Chorizo Cassoulet


And Harissa Braised Chicken with Nicoise Olives with Silky Smooth Buttered Mashed Potatoes


Once I try nightshade versions of these two recipes, I’ll let you know how it works out!  I’m also going to try the mashed potatoes using an almond milk.  He ran cooked potatoes through a ricer and it made the mashed potatoes incredibly smooth and light.


I found this picture on TripAdvisor.  The reviews there give you an idea of why he has 5 stars (Yelp too).  Such a fun evening.  You bring your own beverages such as wine, or drink the bottled water they serve.






I love when a restaurant sources its ingredients locally.  I also love when a restaurant serves the freshest, most inventive menu and changes it regularly based on what can be sourced locally.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of dining at MIA Kitchen & Bar in Delray Beach, Florida.   Chef Blake Malatesta and his crew did not disappoint!  I will definitely be back!


Brule Presentation

At Brule, it is all about the amazing sauces, unique combinations, tremendous presentation, and layers upon layers of deliciousness!

Last night, we ordered venison (but failed to take a picture of it – I borrowed a pic from a review on TripAdvisor showing the duck to give you an idea of how well presented their meals are).  It has been over 40 years since the last time I ate venison, so aside from remembering that it was gamey and sometimes chewy, I just wanted to see Brule’s take on it.  The waitress recommended it, and she was not wrong!  The meat was cooked to a perfect medium rare atop sweet potato ravioli (freshly made in house).

The sauce was beyond words.  Perfect in every way!  We ordered a side of asparagus and a potato croquette – both were scrumptious!

Brule Outside

We sat outside under the stars and will continue to go there regularly.

Daniel's Birthday

l to r:  Anandi, Daniel, Bree, Austin, Andyy, and Jeannine.  Enrique, Terry, and I were also there, but seated facing the kids.

September 1 was my surrogate son Daniel’s 22nd birthday.  His parents treated us all to Red Cow Barbecue.

We didn’t take photographs of our food, but I found the below picture on Red Cow’s website.  They smoke the meats in house.

Red Cow Smoker

We ordered Cornbread, Empanadas, and Pork Rinds for appetizers.  The cornbread is amazing and moist.  The empanadas were a special and had a yummy cilantro sauce – one of our party liked them so well, she ordered them as her meal.

I had a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on it.  The sauces on the table were bold, sweet, or tangy.  All three were delicious.  The Gobbler Club sandwich was a hit with its bacon jam.  The fried brussel sprouts were also a big hit!

The maple bacon wings are just as good as they sound.  The avocado salad with grapefruit vinaigrette is also a good choice.

They have a great selection of craft beers and cocktails.  We really enjoyed it!

Dessert was a smore sundae that we all shared.

I looked at their brunch menu, and can’t wait to try it!

PS.  Poor Jeannine was only their in spirit, as she had to work.  Thank you, Anandi for photoshopping her into the picture!!  I love it.

Tuna PokePork BellyBrule menu

I have a new favorite restaurant locally, and it’s called Brule Bistro!  The flavors of everything are amazing.

I had the Tuna Poke (pictured above) and shared a Pork Belly appetizer.  The sauces are out of this world.  Click on the above link to see their menu.  It changes regularly, though.

One of my fellow diners had the Mahi and raved about it.  We also tried a special appetizer that had fig and foie gras ice cream on a Belgian waffle.  No kidding.  So delicious.  We also shared a coconut key lime tart topped with coconut gelato.



My friend, Danielle (the one who took me to Il Mulino’s Restaurant) shared her secret addiction with me.  She was the first person who ever told me about Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter – which she warned me I may not thank her for!  This is her current stash.


It’s obvious the wild friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter is one she really likes.


She said the Justin’s Maple Almond Butter tastes good, but is dry and has a strange texture.  She said the wild friends Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter adds a unique gourmet touch to recipes calling for peanut butter.

Her favorite is Peanut Butter & Co.’s The Bees Knees.


She uses the Barney Butter in her protein shakes.



My daughter Olivia, prefers Biscoff to Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter



I don’t know whether anyone will thank me for this review though.   These butters are addictive!

There is an Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale that in all its years  has never disappointed.  (I’ve been going there since the mid 80’s)

I was treated to lunch there today and wanted to share what a wonderful experience it was!

My friend Danielle had the Spinach Salad with Salmon.  I had the Chicken Anello.

The dressing on the salad is honey mustard seed vinaigrette and the salmon is perfectly cooked and undisputedly fresh.

The Chicken Anello is chicken, dried cranberries, roasted corn, spinach, sun dried cranberries, cheddar cheese and alfredo sauce, all wrapped in a delicious delicate dough with a side of cheese tortellini also in the alfredo sauce, which is made fresh daily on site.

Always a wonderful dining experience.  Four starts on Trip Advisor for a reason!



15th-street-fisheries outdoor dining

It had been years since I had been to the 15th Street Fisheries.  I was reintroduced recently by my boss on Administrative Assistant’s Day, and when my daughter Olivia asked where I wanted to have lunch on my birthday yesterday, I didn’t hesitate to suggest we go there!  The outdoor dining overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway offers amazing views.  We were looking across the water at Steven Speilberg’s yacht.

Seven Seas

Their menu has so many great choices.

15thfisheries_dockside menu

We shared some mahi tacos that were messy and yummy!

mahi tacos

After lunch we took a walk on the dock.  There was a fishing tournament weighing in, so there weren’t as many tarpon to see as usual.  I guess all the boats scared them off.  Usually the place is full of them!

15th-street-fisheries tarpon 15thstreet feeding tarpons

What a wonderful thing to find that it’s still just as good as I remembered and what a wonderful place to see Fort Lauderdale through the eyes of a tourist!


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