In this plate of food, I see the entire universe supporting my existence.


~ A Zen blessing

               As a single mother of six children ranging in age from 24 to 15, time is at a premium.  I decided long ago that shopping and cooking could be drudgery or they could be fun.  I chose fun!

               I’ve made a commitment to share my beliefs and inspirations about food.  I find solace from the less kind things in life when I cook for my family.  I meditate on future menus.  I reseach recipes as if they are gospel.  I lose myself in cookbooks and browse food blogs.

                Join me on a journey to seek joy in the daily preparation of food to nourish and bring pleasure to those around me.  Put on a little DMB, pour yourself a glass of wine.   Come cook with me and experience Zen cooking!

Molly, Andyy, and Austin

This is Molly, Andyy, and Austin (numbers 5, 4 and 1)

Elliot with Air Rescue

This is Elliot (number 3)


This is Donovan (number 6)

and last but not least

Kaden and Mommy

This is Olivia (number 2) holding her number 1!

Vicki 1996

And this is a not at all current picture of me doing what I love – cooking for my family in my outdoor kitchen.