My daughter Andyy and my surrogate son Danyull have been besties since middle school.  Even Andyy’s move from Fort Lauderdale to Georgia can’t change that.  They talk every day.

Danyull and Andyy

The other day, they were making grilled cheese sandwiches “together”, and sent each other videos of their accomplishments.  The resulting videos are too funny not to post.  Andyy, whose sandwich is on the left, is a total foodie.  She cooks every day like her mama and calls me often to find inspiration or recipes to try.  Danyull, on the other hand, lives with me, and doesn’t have to cook much, as I usually take over the kitchen and love menu planning and feeding my boys.  The sound of Danyull’s laughter at his sandwich versus Andyy’s is part of the joy of watching the video.