Those of you who follow my blogs know how proud I am of my kids.  Molly the Baker is no exception.  From a young age, Molly knew who she was and who she wanted to be.  She was always smart and focused.  She worked hard – two part time jobs – saved money, and followed her passion.  When we visited the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, we both immediately knew it was exactly where she needed to be.


From the Culinary Institute of America, she went on to a job at Duane Park Patisserie, where she helps create some of the masterpieces they are known for.

big rainbow color cakes

Rainbow cake

Her boss at Duane Park Patisserie is Chopped Champion Madeline Lanciani.

Chopped Champ

In addition to amazing cakes and other delicious treats, Duane Park Patisserie is also home to the Ring Ding Bar – the latest trend in sweets.

About a month back, Molly had the privilege of being part of making Meryl Streep’s birthday cake.

Meryl Streep Birthday!

Molly recently got an invite from celebrity chef, Jean-Pierre, to join him next time she is in town teach a few classes with him.  Cool stuff!

Sunshine Cuisine

And not only is she an amazing baker, but she’s also an amazing young woman.

Molly and Lein

That’s my girl with sweet Lein!  Keep following your dreams, Molly.  The sky’s the limit!