I saw a video on “Tasty” of this and had to try it . . .


2 packages Pillsbury reduced fat whole wheat refrigerator biscuits

1 jar Gia Russa Cherry Tomato Sauce  (SOOOOO good)

Homemade turkey meatballs

2 c. shredded six italian cheese

Cut biscuits into quarters.


Mix with 2/3 of the jar of sauce.


Place in a prepared 13 x 9 deep baking dish.

Top with meatballs.


Spoon remaining sauce over meatballs.


Top with cheese.

Bake at 375 for 35 to 40 minutes.


I wanted to keep it simple, but I think I’ll try variations using sausage instead of meatballs, adding in roasted peppers, onions and/or zucchini.  As always, using homemade biscuit dough and homemade sauce is healthier, but convenience foods help on workdays!