Photo from  Check out her blog.  You’ll love it.

Some changes will be coming to my own blog in 2016.  The produce department will be my new favorite hangout!

It’s difficult these days to not be enticed by convenience foods and restaurant offerings.  Unfortunately, eating the wrong foods can lead to a variety of health issues.  Obesity, high blood pressure, type two diabetes, and high cholesterol are all consequences of less and less fresh foods in our diet.

I’ve been toying with the idea of focusing my blog on more healthy choices.  For instance, dinners sprinkled with a little cheese at the table, as opposed to those swimming in melted cheese.

On Christmas Eve, a dear friend to whom I was showing off my blog accomplishments, commented that the foods I was displaying weren’t the type of things that appeal to her.  I’ll admit, I was originally offended that she was so blunt, but then I looked at her tiny frame compared to my shall we say well-fed one, and I realized that it is time to make healthier food choices.

A few days later, my beloved son-in-law was diagnosed as a type two diabetic.  Once I started reading up on it, I realized that the path I have my family on nutrition-wise is not what it should be.  Time for a change!!

I am embracing the challenge of keeping flavor, but losing the sugar, sodium, and fat, (not to mention ingredients I can’t even pronounce).

With Molly the Baker still in town, I’m sure I’ll still post desserts she’s made, etc., but I am dedicated to posting foods you can enjoy, all the while keeping healthier.