This is an image of my great-grandparents, Geneva and Col. Otey C. Hulvey, with their three daughters, (L to R) Louise, Helen, and Margie.  Helen was my grandmother and she and Aunt Louise always shared wonderful stories of their childhood, including tales about the Tennessee Military Institute.  Their father was the headmaster there for a while.

Recently, I heard from a man who bought the house where my grandmother’s family lived.   He tracked me down because he found her “exercises” book which was a diary or journal of sorts in the attic.


The school was something in its day . . .

TMI main building

This building is affectionately called “The Castle”.

TMI advertisement

The ads speak of another time.


According to Tennessee and Great Tennesseans in their profile of my great-grandfather:  Colonel Hulvey is a man of fine physique, of commanding appearance, has the moral and intellectual qualifications well fitting him for his chosen work, and is a very interesting conversationalist.

TMI Marker

The Tennessee Military Institute has been identified as an endangered historic building and there is a plan to restore it.

If the pool and gymnasium are any indication, it was a grand place.