I can’t wait to try this!!

Food Fellowship and Wine

It’s basically health-food.

I’ve been on quite a chickpea obsession these past few months. It’s just such an amazing ingredient, basically a gift that keeps on giving whether you are looking for salty. sweet, chewy or crispy. I think the one thing every pantry aught to have is a can or ten of chickpeas. Not only are they cheap, easy to use and super versatile, they are actually quite healthy being pumped full of protein and iron. It’s a super food, and not only because they can produce fudge and brownies in the same breath as salad. The great thing about this recipe (besides it being super easy) is that the end result is something between a brownie and fudge as it is super dense whilst at the same time soft and delicious. You are of course most welcome to swap the white chocolate for dark, I find, however that…

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