I received roses for my (early) birthday!  Thank you to Lawrence, Jewels, Danielle, Gabrielle and Aki!

I’m busy menu planning and trying to decide what I want to prepare for my birthday on Friday, and then Mother’s Day on Sunday.

I really enjoyed the J. Alexander’s veggie burger, so I might try that again.  I’ll find some yummy gluten free cake for dessert.  As I usually do, I’ll plan around what’s on sale.  I don’t get paid until Friday, so I will likely use something I have on hand.  Meatballs and polenta is sort of calling out to me.  Then it would be veggie burgers on Saturday.  It’s the Sunday – Mother’s Day menu that has me stymied.   I like to cruise the meat section at the market and see what’s marked down!  Lawrence and Jewels also gave me some cookbooks, because everyone knows how food obsessed I am.  Tonight I am feeling lazy, so I will be cooking some Sandra’s Chicken.  Nothing is as healthy as homemade, but this is “no hormones or nitrates” and has “whole grain breading”.  If you sign up for their mailing list, they provide coupons and let you know when one of the local stores is having a BOGO!