chef jean-pierre

Christmas, 2012, my friend Kerry (Captiva Kerry) gave Molly the Baker cooking classes at Jean-Pierre’s Cooking School in Fort Lauderdale.    During Molly’s visit, we made reservations and attended last night’s class.  It was so much fun.  It was like having a celebrity chef (look up Chef Jean-Pierre Cooking School on doing a cooking show for a small intimate audience.  You bring your own bottle of wine, watch him make amazing foods and bring home the recipes.  He tells jokes and makes the evening so entertaining.  You get to eat the amazing food he cooks!   That alone is well worth the price.  What a great gift.  I will definitely make a point of watching his website for another fun night to attend and/or give gift certificates at Christmas time!

Years ago, he had a show called Sunshine Cuisine on PBS.

Sunshine Cuisine

He ran a high end restaurant called The Left Bank.

There are so many interesting classes.  Saturday night couples night, etc.  We were there for New Italian and had Focaccia with blue cheese and caramelized onions, spaghetti with lemon cream hot sausage carbonera, chicken meatloaf wrapped in bacon with the most delicious marsala sauce I ever tasted, roasted potatoes, green beans with butter, and a wonderful version of rice pudding made with white chocolate and risotto.