1 package Ball Park Cracked Dijon Mustard hot dogs


7 slices bacon

7 slices cheese

Cut hot dogs lengthwise almost all the way through.

Stuff with sliced cheese.


Wrap with bacon.


Cook at 400 F for 15 minutes.

I covered a jelly roll pan with foil and put them on a cooling rack so the grease could drip through.  I used a second jelly roll pan set up the same way to cook the rest of the bacon to put on sandwiches or in future recipes.


We had them with chop salad.  The kids had never had these, but I remember my mom making them when I was a kid.  Obviously not health food, but a treat for once in a while.  My mom served it with the bacon still a little soft.  Some of the kids nuked theirs to make them crispier.  It tasted fine to me like Mom used to make it!