Mother's Day Huevos Rancheros

6 large flour tortillas
2 c. shredded Mexican mix cheese
4 c. chili
1 jar salsa
sour cream for topping
12 eggs

Heat chili. Keep warm on stovetop.

Place tortillas one at a time in skillet. Top with shredded cheese and chili.

Fold over quesadilla style.

Meanwhile, cook 2 eggs per serving over easy.

Place folded tortilla on plate. Top with eggs. Add salsa and sour cream to taste.

This recipe was the result of tortillas being on buy one get one, as were salsa and sour cream. I also saved 4 c. of chili last time we had it and froze it for future inspiration.

These were a hit. We will definitely have them again. It would also be nice with breakfast sausage or other meat in place of the chili. Fresh tomatoes, onions or avocado, as well as leftover corn or beans would add a nice touch.