I can’t wait to try this!

ice cream magazine

An idiot was remonstrating with the freezer door which had not be correctly closed and behind had built its ‘dear self-defrosting beeping self’ into the north-face of the vanilla Eiger!

Whilst half a tub of vanilla pumice was beyond redemption the remaining half tub found (soon to be topical) that there was no room at the Inn, no matter how much she got her shoulder into it and verily slamming ye freezer door upon it.

Fortunately clearing the ice cream rock-candy proved less of a task than initially thought. The remaining ice cream removed from its now wrecked and shattered tub was spirited to a mixing bowl and bin respectively so as the farcically abashed could not be caught at her rather daft doings.

Yea-forsooth the moelleux-vanille sought solace and a new form so as not to avail the buffoon of further disquiet.

Thusly: What the Dickens do I do…

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