Making Food Fun!

A friend at work today was lamenting that she doesn’t know how she will afford to get through the week food wise. She only had about $70.00 to spend on food for dinners for herself and 2 kids. Everyone at work knows about my food obsession and this blog, so I thought she might be asking for advice. It turns out she was.

She went on to say that she doesn’t enjoy cooking like I do. Now, hold on a minute! I wasn’t born wanting to plan and cook a meal every single day. Motherhood and a busy life combined with the inability financially to do anything other than shop the sales and menu plan led me to learn to enjoy creating meals the kids will like. When one of them says they love something I’ve made, it’s suddenly all worth it!

In an effort to figure out what it was she didn’t like about cooking, I asked her what she usually fixes for dinner. It turns out, she was trying to do way too much after getting home from work. Even die hard food obsessed moms like me don’t want to come home from a hard day work and start cooking from scratch.

I explained that buying the meats on special and preparing and freezing them works so well for me, and suggested she might want to try it.

I looked up the ads and created a tentative menu for her week, asking what types of foods her kids like, and came up with the following:

Then, I printed her up a shopping list with prices and scoped out coupons for items she was already buying:
Lastly, I wrote her some daily instructions to try to help her understand how much easier it would be to, lets say, cook the meats all at once and freeze for future use.

I know it’s just the beginning, but I’m going to coach her in the ways of “Vicki’s food obsessed” menu planning, shopping the sales cooking and post what I come up with for her in an effort to help anyone out there with a tight budget with meal ideas!