Don't Tell Them It's Leftovers

2-3 C. leftover turkey and meatballs, chopped up
2-3 C. leftover brown rice couscous
2 packages mixed veggies


Layer meat in bottom of crockpot.
Layer couscous over meat
Layer mixed veggies over couscous.

I heated it through on high for 1/2 hour and then turned it down to low for about 1/2 hour and then just kept it warm.

Guess what, no more leftovers!

As each of the kids asked what dinner was, I told them to try it and avoided telling them it was leftover layered casserole!

Each ate it with their condiment of choice. Donnie and Molly used Thai sweet and hot sauce, Austin and Daniel used hot sauce and ranch. I ate mine just the way it was.