Merry Christmas!

We had a gathering of family and friends for Christmas Eve. As we are still without oven, Molly the Baker (second from the right in the picture, by the way) baked Italian Wedding Cookies in our toaster oven!!  Four different flavors.

The theme was Italian, and I started food preparing at 3:00 for a gathering to take place at 7:00.

My triple crock pot had Zuppa Tuscana (potato sausage soup), Caponata Sicialiana (squash casserole), and Mushroom Chicken Risotto. The risotto was a failure. It tasted good, but was pasty.

My large oval crockpot was a traditional lasagne, and my large round crockpot was a cheddar and sausage lasagne.

I served antipasto – black olives, green olives, garbanzo beans, and grilled artichokes. Spinach leaves and tomatoes were put out with dressing.

My brother-in-law brought some wonderful shrimp cocktail. I promise to get his recipe for the best cocktail sauce I’ve ever had!

My daughter, Olivia, brought a tray of cookies she and her best friend Trish made.

My cousin, Laura (far left in the picture) brought some of the Christmas cookies Aunt Fran made the day before we lost her.

I will post the recipes for all – without pictures of the finished products (sorry).