Gluten Free Turkey Quesadillas

1 package Gluten free tortillas

2 c. shredded leftover turkey mixed with leftover turkey chili
1-2 c. shredded Mexican cheese
Sour cream and salsa for garnish/dipping

Heat turkey/chili mixture.

Place tortilla in heated pan. Warm through and flip.


Top with cheese, then chili, then cheese. You may have to remove it from the heat while layering so the bottom tortilla doesn’t over cook.


Top with another tortilla and carefully flip over to cook the other side.

Cut using a pizza cutter and top with sour cream and salsa to taste.


A little chopped fresh cilantro would have made it prettier. (which I should’ve bought when it was on sale the other day!)

As turkey leftover use goes, this was one of our favorites 🙂