Molly's Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcakes

I haven’t yet gotten her to part with her recipe, but my daughter Molly baked these beautiful dark chocolate raspberry cupcakes with white chocolate raspberry frosting.  (Not gluten free though, since they were for a bake sale with proceeds to breast cancer awareness).

It was a rocky road to a beautiful finished product, since the top was flatter than she wanted and spread past the liners (so we had to trim them). Then the liners were difficult to remove (until after the cupcakes were refrigerated for a while) which gave her some anxiety.

In the end, though, they were beautiful additions to the bake sale at Aveda, where my son Austin is a student.  I will encourage her to share her recipe with me.  I’m sure after Austin reports what a hit they were, she’ll be less resistant to sharing.  Her excuse right now is that they didn’t turn out like she wanted them to.  So self critical and such a perfectionist!  I love the rose design of the frosting.