Gluten Free Apple, Cheese, and Sausage Pancakes

1 box Gluten Free Pantry pancake mix
2 eggs
1 c. cottage cheese
1 lb. cooked, crumbled, drained breakfast sausage
1 apple, shredded or finely chopped
1 c. soy vanilla milk
1 Tbsp. sugar
1 c. vanilla yogurt



Blend all ingredients to ensure all mix is wet. Let stand for 15 minutes.


Heat two skillets and cook pancakes two at a time (my daughter, Andrea, came up with this idea because I resist cooking pancakes because of how long it takes to make the whole batch!)


Keep pancakes warm (and actually continue cooking) by placing on a foil lined, sprayed jelly roll pan in a 250 degree oven. Reduce to 200 when you are done making all the pancakes and are going to leave them in the oven for everyone to eat as they wake up!