Kerry's 'blog worthy' Chicken Piccata

Kerry has been telling me forever how easy Chicken Piccata is to make and how fabulous it is. I now am a believer.

5 chicken cutlets
seasoned flour for dredging
1/4 c. olive oil
1 small jar capers
1 fresh lemon
1/2 c. white wine
salt and white pepper to taste
flour and water to thicken sauce

Rinse and dry chicken and sit on platter uncovered in the refrigerator to dry out just a little.

Boil some water to cook pasta.

Dredge in seasoned flour (we used a box of already seasoned flour).

Heat oil and brown chicken on both sides.


Remove from skillet, set aside on paper towel lined plate.

Water for pasta should be boiling by now. Add pasta and cook according to directions while finishing up the chicken.


Empty oil from skillet and wipe down with paper towel. Add lemon juice and wine to skillet. Return chicken to skillet. Pour drained capers over and simmer until chicken internal temperature is 165 degrees. Once again remove chicken from skillet, set aside and tent with foil to keep warm.

Add flour and water mixture to pan juices to thicken.

Drain pasta and toss with butter, parmesian cheese, garlic salt, italian seasoning.

Serve pasta topped with chicken with lemony caper sauce over it all.


It was yummy.

We had it with a caprese salad. Kerry used fresh basil, olive oil and a wonderful balsamic glaze I can’t wait to try in other recipes!!